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be human to the fullest

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i'm riley!
(they, she)

Hello! I am an actor, art maker, teaching artist, dancer and storyteller. I am a lover of yoga, podcasts, fashion, and laughter.


I am committed to elevating and giving voice to stories that often go untold. These are "taboo" topics, stories that are often "romanticized, or the "ugly" side of human experiences, but if these things are happening, we SHOULD talk about them. Art is about the human experience and we need to tell ALL of the stories. This will often make people uncomfortable, but that is not always a bad thing. If I can make one person feel seen, or less alone by telling a story, then I have done my job.

As an actor, I am especially passionate about telling stories by and for women, queer and BIPOC individuals, and being a part of projects that embrace raw and unfiltered human experience. 


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